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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Fairfield Inn and Suites
Fayetteville, NC
Fairfield Inn and Suites, NC
This site adaptation of Marriott’s exciting “Gen 4” limited service hotel design was enhanced per owner directives in order to satisfy market needs. The four story wood framed building meets a tight construction budget while providing added value amenities such as a large meeting room, expanded breakfast seating area, and a full service lobby area bar. The new hotel will include the indoor pool option which makes year round swimming possible and will offer 44% of its 115 guestrooms as suites. Provisions for a future solar water heating system have also been incorporated into the design.

The stunning modern exterior is a dynamic juxtaposition of boxed forms, recessing and protruding to accommodate interior functions. The second floor cantilevers past the rusticated ground floor, textured with horizontal banding in various cost effective but durable materials. Deep overhangs project to enhance and protect the hotel entrances.

Hotel Statistics:
4 Story-Wood Frame
69,820 Square Feet
115 Guestrooms

Home < Projects < Hospitality < Fairfield Inn and Suites, NC